Monday 27 March 2017

Legal Changes to Cannabis use accross the United Kingdom England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales

In the ever changing world of cannabis laws seem to be continuously changing and its becoming ever hard to keep up. Attitudes are forever changing and developed countries are reconsidering the ideas that surround the real benefits this great plant can have to offer. With all the positive feedback coming out of the USA from the rewards in medical treatment and revenue streams from legalization its a wonder how long it will take before the rest of the world catches up.

What we would like to explore here is really whats happening across the ocean in the UK and why its taking so much time for us to catch up. In the opinion of most modern thinking people its clear to see that the benefits of legalization of cannabis far outweigh the negatives. Legal cannabis in the UK would bring with it huge revenue to every day people and choice to the thousands of people who smoke it. In recent years its been a gamble as to the product you end up buying on the streets where as home growing for personal use give the smoker control over the strength and quality of the product they can smoke.

Clearly you can tell by this blog the way of our opinion towards Cannabis in the UK. What we want is to keep up to date with any changes that are coming and in turn spread the word to anyone else that's eagerly awaiting positive movement in cannabis legality.

As it stands in the UK cannabis has been declassified and it is generally accepted by the government when it comes to personal use on all levels. If you are caught with cannabis on you personally, so long as it is not a huge amount you will be given a fine. If you are caught cultivating cannabis generally if its under 9 plants it can be considered for personal use and at worst some community service program as a sentence. The question is really why waste all this police intelligence and UK tax payers money policing cannabis when there is no real punishment for the crime? Curently it is estimated that over half a million people grow cannabis in the UK. Surely legalization would save the tax payer Millions if not Billions of pounds every year.

If you have any news or updates regarding cannabis legislation in the UK please update.